A Little About Us

Why We Embrace This Spirituality 

- from our Board of Directors

I am the youngest in a family of 10 children and suffered with abandonment issues as each year another sibling would leave our family home to pursue their individual vocation. If it wasn't a sibling leaving, it was a friend moving or changing schools, or a death of a dear one. I was caught up in a lie that I was unloved and unlovable. Then, in the year 2000, I discovered that I had never been left alone, but rather, I had been ignoring my true Love who had been pursuing me for 30 years. This discovery came thanks to the spirituality of Communion of Life with Christ through Mary. The writings of Rev. Tadeusz Dajczer and S.C. Biela helped me see through the eyes of faith that GOD is loving me and present in every moment. It is my strong desire to spread this message to others so that they too can be filled with the faith, hope and joy the Gospel enlivens in a soul.

~Joyce Pfaffinger

Treasurer, IAMF

Ft. Collins, CO

I have been a Catholic since my infant baptism 63 years ago. That is not to say that through those 63 years I didn’t question, didn’t seek, didn’t wonder if there was a better way to love and serve my Jesus. In my adulthood I firmly embraced the Church and worked in my parish to assist others in their journey of faith. From one year to the next I was inspired by a new book, a new saint, a new program, a new retreat - ascending to the mountain top, only to return to the valley in search of the next trail leading upward.  And then I was introduced to the spirituality of communion of life with Jesus through Mary and I settled into Her arms. While the Church continues to inspire me with all of her rich teachings, traditions, and testimonies of faith, I receive that inspiration while resting in the arms of my loving Mother. Entrusting all things and all people to Her, I rest in believing She will lead me - actually, carry me -  to her Son in a very personal and sanctifying way. The books we publish guide and support me on this journey.

Michelle Curtis

President, IAMF

Baker City, OR

Who we are:

In the Arms of Mary Foundation is dedicated to sharing how God, through the Blessed Mother as a special instrument of His love, can make one's yoke easier and burden lighter during the ordinary and difficult events of life.

A taste of our spirituality: 

We focus on conversion of heart, discovering our own sinfulness in the light of God's loving and merciful presence. Standing before He Who is All Truth, we each discover that we are face-to-face, so to speak, with Unconditional Love. We are loved in a way that overflows and embraces us entirely, inviting us to utter surrender, and in a way that enables us to ultimately find and be ourselves more fully than we could have otherwise imagined possible. We rest in the loving arms of Mary, Christ's own Mother. And we seek to live in this embrace of love through the ordinary events of our daily lives. The result of this spirituality is a powerful inner transformation that overflows - knowingly or unknowingly - to those around us. Loving actions speak louder than our words. Prayer of the heart speaks the loudest.

Resources we provide:

The tangible works of our ministry include the ongoing publication of spiritual books that reflect the particular charism of our universal spirituality and the development of several reflection topics for individual or group use. All of our books have imprimaturs.

Results we hear and see:

From the letters and testimony of others, we know that our books, speakers and reflection series have transformed lives, by enabling people to live in great inner peace no matter what may be the circumstances of their lives. The books are used in prison ministry and have deeply touched and changed the lives of many hardened criminals. They have helped widows, parents and children deal with the loss of loved ones. Our materials are used in homes and parishes. One of our books was chosen by Cardinal Juan Sandoval Iniguez as a gift to all cardinals, archbishops, bishops and priests attending the October 2004 Eucharistic Congress in Mexico. Psychologists use our materials to help their patients, and bishops use them to help form their priests in developing a strong spiritual life. The Families of Nazareth Movement uses our books as an integral part of their formation, as do seminaries and religious orders throughout North and South America in their formation of novices.

Our needs:

Put simply, we rely completely on the generosity of those who appreciate, value and live our charism. Without the generosity of our friends and benefactors, we could not continue to publish and promote these powerful spiritual resources to a world starving for truth, love and mercy.